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Send money, pay bills and perform any other financial activities with ease and seamlessly.

About Us

We are a financial institution with a drive and desire to make financial inclusion a reality most especially for the unbanked. We believe that financial services should be enjoyed and easily accessible.

With over 5 years of hard work and experience. We are certain that our team of experts is capable to help you achieve your financial goals and make you smile.

Our Wallet system is designed to allow for flexibility in your financial decisions. We know that Savings and Investment are core to securing a future for yourself and we have designed a system with integrity to allow you safety with saving and investing your funds.

More so, as you meet your daily needs through withdrawals and deposits, we are committed to helping you achieve this through our excellent customer service to resolve issues and ensure smooth transactions.


Explore through our juicy services

Send funds seamless

We give you an opportunity to transfer money to your family and loved ones

Pay for bill

Pay for bills that concerns you, ranging from Decoder, airtime, data etc

Investment Opportunity

Get high ROI on the money invested in your Redge Wallet

Invest your cash on redge and get return on your investment.

Other benefits

  • You get bonus for every successful referral you bring to redge
  • The more you transact on Redge, the more your chance of getting bonus
  • Participate in raffle draw competition

“Begin your journey to a better life with peace, love, beauty, and passive income”

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7, Igbe-eku junction, Ikoro, Ekiti State.



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